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Because every baby needs a quilt and ours are made with love!

Cot quilts are also popular as play mats...perfect for parents going to play group.

Little Love Rug cot quilts are designed to lay on top of the cot bedding and act as a 'topper'. They are made with 100% cotton materials - including the fabric, thread and wadding. Cotton is a natural fibre that is absorbent and durable. It is easier to clean than synthetic material such as polyester and allows better aeration to keep baby cool. Cotton is also known for its non allergenic properties.

The quilted finish ensures wadding remains stable between the fabrics and provides baby with soft cushioning.

Approximate size - 100cm x 80cm may be slight variations in sizing as each quilt is individually handmade.

This product may also have matching Dribble Cloths available to purchase.